Detect Geolocation On Web Browser Using HTML5

HTML5 is been a part of many of my projects and once again I want to share a pretty interesting usage of HTML5 to detect geolocation of the user from the web browser. Currently most of the web browser support HTML5 except the lame Internet Explorer and this geolocation detection works fine with Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari. If you have an iPhone, you can see the thing happening in it. The geolocation feature user Google maps along with the javascript object – navigator.geolocation and HTML5. This is not a pure HTML5 source, but its good to have these here.

How does this work? For the web browsers, the script takes the position of latitude and longitude based upon your IP address. And for a Mobile devices, it takes advantage of the GPS. So on web browser your location may be incorrect, since its based on your IP address.

Hey! Are you feeling lazy? Check it out here –

Here is an example script:

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