Leverage Browser Caching

I have a domain that usually performs very well on search rank, page rank, display rank, or whatever you want to call it on Google. I say usually, because in the last two weeks we have dropped four spots on display results. Sweet, it’s time to venture into the black whole called search engine optimization.

After digging around in Google Webmasters, they recommend using Page Speed, which can be found here: http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2011/03/introducing-page-speed-online-with.html

After running Page Speed, it shows you all the areas your site needs improvement on. Brilliant! Now I know what to fix, a few simple fixes and we are good to go right? Not exactly, for the most part it is pretty simple until you run into Leverage Browser Caching as one of the improvements needed on the site. I had already left before I finished reading the sentence.

Here is the quick and easy fix for this. Open your .htaccess file and copy and paste this anywhere in the file.

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