Hbase Tutorial: Creating A Table

Here we will create a table in Hbase

Creating a table

* Start the hbase shell by running

~/hbase/bin/hbase shell


hbase shell

Make sure your Hbase Master server is up and running

sudo /usr/lib/hbase/bin/hbase-daemon.sh start master

* Run in the shell

create 'blogposts', 'post', 'image'

Now you have a table called blogposts, with a post, and a image family. These families are “static” like the columns in the RDBMS world.

Add some data to the table

Run the following commands in the shell:

    * put 'blogposts', 'post1', 'post:title', 'Hello World'
    * put 'blogposts', 'post1', 'post:author', 'The Author'
    * put 'blogposts', 'post1', 'post:body', 'This is a blog post'
    * put 'blogposts', 'post1', 'image:header', 'image1.jpg'
    * put 'blogposts', 'post1', 'image:bodyimage', 'image2.jpg'

Look at the data

Run get ‘blogposts’, ‘post1′ in the shell. This should output something like this.

image:bodyimage 	timestamp=1229953133260, value=image2.jpg
image:header 	timestamp=1229953110419, value=image1.jpg
post:author 	timestamp=1229953071910, value=The Author
post:body 	timestamp=1229953072029, value=This is a blog post
post:title 	timestamp=1229953071791, value=Hello World

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