How to configure Coda to work for Amazon EC2 instances

Coda should pick up settings from your ssh config so you can configure this fairly easily.

If you’ve saved your EC2 ssh keypair in ~/.ssh/ec2_rsa then simply edit ~/.ssh/config to look like:

You can also restrict the IdentityFile directive to just your AWS resource with:

If everything’s configured properly then you should be able to, from the command line, run:
ssh [email protected] and you will get a log in prompt

If you continue to have problems you can always enable password authentication on your instance by editing /etc/ssh/sshd_config and adding the line PasswordAuthentication yes to the end of the file, then setting a password for your user with passwd

I use the following settings in my .ssh/config to automatically apply my EC2 keypairs for EC2 resources:

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